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Hashtag Sports

Hashtag Sports

I wrote an article with Jason George, CEO of Telescope for Hashtag Sports. Here’s the key takeaway which should probably be updated to say that sports and media will eventually hollow out the standalone sportsbetting industry. But that post is another day’s work.

In the next few years, the rights to use official data may become as important as the broadcast rights and rights holders of course will exert their control over that area. Sports teams, leagues and owners should focus on developing their live experience, enriching their real-time APIs and feeds and distributing these through betting networks and third-party innovators. The increasing importance of live data and content will ensure premium sports leagues will generate significant revenue from sports betting over time making them a clear winner from regulated wagering.

Brian MacSweeney

It was well received from some people who I admire and who know a lot more about the subject. Look them up.

And this one, from my favourite twitter account:

I’m happy with that – thanks fellas! Go and have a read: